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Every parent wants the best for their child. A healthy pregnancy is necessary to ensure the baby’s well- being after birth too. Garbh sanskar has gained popularity as an enabler for the mental and physical development of the baby.

The knowledge of garbh sanskar dates back to ancient scriptures and is included in the ayurveda. The word garbh in sanskrit refers to foetus in the womb, and sanskar means education of the mind. So, garbh sanskar translates into the process of educating the mind of unborn baby. It is traditionally believed that a child’s mental and behavioral development starts in the womb as it can be influenced by the mother’s emotional state while she carries the baby. The practice has been a part of hindu tradition since time immemorial and is evidenced by stories of how garbh sanskar had a very positive effect on mythological characters like abhimanyu, astabakra and prahlad who were enlightened in their mother’s womb.

It might sound odd but ask any mother and she is sure to tell you that bonding with the baby starts as soon one conceives. That’s why you see mothers speaking to their baby bump or even making an effort to think good thoughts or do things that soothe the baby. While most pregnant mothers do it as a feel- good factor, it does have more deep rooted benefits too.

There is now a growing baby of scientific evidence that supports the practices related to garbh sanskar and its effect on the unborn child. Modern studies have proved that a foetus can respond to external stimulus. In fact, the hormonal secretions activated by the mother’s thoughts can also impact the baby in her womb.

Thus while garbh sanskar is believed to benefits the baby, it is not focused solely on the child. These practices ensure that the mother is healthy and in a positive state of mind. Activities such as changes in diet and life style are recommended to pregnant women through the practice of garbh sanskar.

Different prenatal education practices

References to garbh sanskar can be found in ancient Hindu Puranas and the Vedas. But the practice is not limited to India alone. Different cultures around the world encourage nurturing the bond between the mother and the growing baby, which is similar to the concept of ‘education in the womb’. Mothers in western countries often listen to classical music like that of maestros like mozart to make their child ‘unbelievably smart’.
The wisdom of garbh sanskar can be accessed from the fact that several modern prenatal practices are derived from it. These include:

  • Autosuggestion and hypnosis: These are meditation techniques which occupy the mind with an idea that can turn into reality.
  • Colour therapy: This includes the use of light and colour to balance the mind. Certain colours can uplift the mood and have a positive effect on the mind.
  • Aromatherapy: This uses the senses of smell that sharpens the senses, and soothes the body and mind. Essential oils and other aromatics may be used to help the mother de- stress.
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