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Healthcare management is a field that specializes in the management of healthcare centers and clinics. A healthcare manager is not a healthcare professional and does not practice healthcare duties of any sort. A healthcare manager must look after the business operations in a health care center. All over the world, we see health care expanding beyond hospitals. A lot of businesses and companies have taken hold of the healthcare sector. Hence, we need a professional to look after the affairs of such institutions.

In India, you can’t pursue healthcare management at the bachelor’s level. You could take up any field at the bachelor’s level and then take up an MBA in Healthcare Management at the post-graduate level. You will be employed in hospitals and other such healthcare centers to look after the administrative and management duties.

Eligibility Criteria (UG & PG) of Health Care Management

For Undergraduates

The Healthcare management course is available only from the master’s level in India. Those wishing to pursue this course would have to enroll in colleges abroad. You could take up any course at the bachelor’s level. It will be of advantage if you have some background in the management field. Courses like Hospital management or business administration would be ideal at the bachelor’s level, but it is not compulsory.

For Post-graduates

These are some of the basic criteria the students must keep in mind for the Healthcare management course.

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