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Industrial Hygiene is the science of anticipating, identifying, evaluating and controlling occupational conditions that may adversely affect worker health and safety in workplaces.  A Professional practitioner who specializes in this subject is known as an Industrial Hygienist. One of the major responsibilities of an Industrial Hygienist is to anticipate, identify and solve potential health problems within industrial plants and other workplaces.

Why should you learn Industrial Hygiene?

Industrial Hygiene is an important part of ensuring occupational health and safety of workers. In many industries such as industrial chemicals, petrochemicals, oil and gas, mining & metals, pulp and paper,  thermal power generation workers may be exposed to several toxic hazards that can adversely affect occupational health and safety and general well being.

Understanding the principles and concepts of Industrial Hygiene is essential, to not only make workplaces safer, but also mandated by many laws in different countries. Professionals who are specialize in this field are known as Industrial Hygienists.

 If you are in any way responsible for safety of any industrial facility, or in charge of safety of shipping vessels or trucking or warehousing, then you must be familiar with Industrial Hygiene. Or you may be working for a regulatory authority or a government agency in charge of industrial safety or public health. In all these situations, this course will give you complete knowledge and skills about Industrial Hygiene, to help you become an Industrial Hygienist.

What will you learn in this course?

This course comprises of the following modules, note that Module 1 is free to view, so that you get an idea of the subject as well as the course, before you decide to buy it.

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