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Panchakarma is a purification process of the mind-body system. Using various bodywork techniques, client-customized oils and special diets, Panchakarma therapies are customized for individuals based on their unique constitution and health conditions. This program enables Ayurvedic students of all levels the opportunity to learn the traditional Panchakarma philosophy and methodologies. Panchakarma’s healing results are often deeper and longer-lasting, thus leading to increased client satisfaction and eventually lowering healthcare costs. Ayurvedic students and health professionals from all backgrounds have a unique opportunity in this day and age to assist family, friends and clients in targeting the root cause of their illness, leading to more balanced, fulfilling and wholesome lives.


  • Students must possess a high school diploma or equivalent.
  • There are no additional prerequisites for this program for individuals who are licensed healthcare professionals undertaking this program to add value to their practice, and those who are taking this course to help themselves and their family, AHC is not required. This program meets the competencies outlined by the National Ayurvedic Medical Association (NAMA). To be an independent Panchakarma Technician with a professional membership from NAMA, it is required to have an AHC (level I) certification* in conjunction with the Panchakarma Technician Certification.
  • It is recommended to be an Allied Health Professional with a “license to touch” according to State regulations.

Scope of Practice

Upon completion, Panchakarma Technicians are able to:

  • Perform all Ayurvedic hands-on Shamana therapies in a clinic or private practice with an emphasis on utilizing the techniques for purposes of pacification. Shamana includes external calming procedures & regimen without internal cleansing.
  • Perform Panchakarma therapies in connection with a Panchakarma program, under the guidance of a qualified Ayurvedic Practitioner or Ayurvedic Doctor, with an emphasis on utilizing the therapies for purposes of Shamana and Shodhana ChikitsaShodhana includes detoxification & purification procedures and requires the advanced clinical knowledge of an Ayurvedic Doctor.
  • Support and help deliver the Panchakarma treatment program designed by the Ayurvedic Practitioner or Ayurvedic Doctor. The Panchakarma Technician is not trained to design a complete Panchakarma program with both Shamana and Shodhana therapies.
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