Biotechnology and Biochemistry – Different.

Biotechnology and Biochemistry - DifferentBiotechnology course is a technique based on microbes and beneficial genes used in agriculture, medicine, the environment, and industry. B.Sc Biochemistry degree is a three-year undergraduate course that deals with the study of chemical processes within and allied to living organisms, laboratory-based science that combines biology along with chemistry using chemical knowledge and techniques. 

In particular, the Biotechnology course is the process of modifying living organisms based on science. A biotechnology program is the technological application of any biological system, organism, its derived products, or processes to produce or modify them for a specific use.

Especially, the biotechnology program is the science that studies biotechnology.  Most crops introduce new traits that are not native to them, such as pest resistance, disease resistance, tolerance to harsh environmental conditions, chemical resistance, extinction reduction, or the nutrient richness of the crop can be indicated.

For example, plant-based pharmaceutical agents in non-food crops, biofuels, industrial applications, and bioremediation. Farmers are gradually adopting Madi cropping technology. Courses for those with a strong interest in the field of biology are now in abundance. The most popular field chosen by students is Biochemistry. It is a field that studies and investigates the chemical changes that occur in living things. Proteins, carbohydrates, lipids, nucleic acids, and biomolecules that makeup cells’ Format and functions, etc. It can be studied in this course.  

Biochemistry degree and industrial microbiology scope awards degrees and job opportunities for the eligible aspirants to work in sectors like research fellow, analytical chemist, biomedicine scientist, pharma associate, healthcare scientist, clinical biochemistry, and food safety analyst.

Facts in Biotechnology & Biochemistry:

Biochemistry degree is a pure science field, at the same time, biotechnology is an applied science field. Biochemistry is one of the subjects you will study under biotechnology. Quite clearly, it won’t be as detailed. Biochemistry deals with the process and pathways happening inside the living cell, while biotechnology deals with the techniques to study those processes, and applications of those processes. 

On the other hand, the biotechnology course is a vast field that includes various topics like biochemistry, immunology, genetics, genetic engineering, microbiology, proteomics, etc. It provides you with a lot of choices to specify during further studies. However, biochemistry limits your study to the chemistry of living organisms. 

So, you will have fewer topics to choose to specify for higher studies.  Biochemists perform research and analysis on normal processes happening inside the living cell like respiration, photosynthesis, apoptosis, etc., while biotechnologists research and create products like proteins that are used in factories. Modern biotechnology program also involves the creation of genetically modified organisms, ex. Golden rice, pharmaceuticals, and so on.

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