Career Options and Scope of M.Sc Nuclear Medicine!!

Career Options and Scope of M.Sc Nuclear Medicine courseM.Sc Nuclear Medicine course has a very wide array of scope in India as well as Abroad. Basically, M.Sc Nuclear Medicine degree deals with radioactive substances and medicines, special care should be taken off. Hence, the person handling the work has to be skilled and knowledgeable. The most widely performed practice is of a Radiologist. Let’s see what are career options available for M.Sc Nuclear Medicine degree holders.

The radiologist performs the imaging of the body of the patient and treats them based on the outcomes. We will talk about this subject more in the latter part of this guide. A graduate from this field can work as a research assistant or lab associate just after M.Sc.

If a candidate has completed M.Sc., then he can opt for a higher job profile. This is true for both in India and Abroad. You can also work in any hospital in the MRI department or as a Lab manager. 

Students can go for M.Sc Nuclear Medicine course after they complete their B.Sc in specialized subjects like Positron Emission Tomography (PET) or Nuclear Cardiology. PET demands creating 3-D models of the brain, and Nuclear Cardiology uses radioactive drugs to highlight portions of the heart and find functions of the heart like blood flow.

Career options after M.Sc Nuclear Medicine program:

Upon completion of M.Sc Nuclear Medicine course, a number of career paths open to you as a Nuclear Medicine Professional in hospital, industrial, academic, or research sectors:

  • Nuclear Medicine Technologist/Physicist
  • Molecular Imaging Application specialist in Industry
  • Radiation safety officer
  • Scientific officer and Research fellow

Following the trends in the medical field, M.Sc Nuclear Medicine technology demands much more attention and experience than any other. One can expect an array of career options in this field. With more technological advancements, more operators are needed to comply with the demand. Also, the jobs offered have a handsome salary package too. 

This is a rewarding career, and one will get to work with many prospects. In particular, M.Sc Nuclear Medicine Technologist work at many places like hospitals (government or private), clinics, or any other organization dealing with medical science. As there is much advancement in this particular field, now there are many new opportunities for graduates. After the M.Sc Nuclear Medicine course, the students can either choose any job or further studies. 

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