Diploma in Poultry Production Course Details and Eligibility Criteria

Diploma in Poultry Production CourseIn recent eras, many of them don’t know one of the fastest growing in the agriculture field. Yes, Poultry production is one of the most important factors in a farmer’s economy. Choosing your career in the poultry production sector offers high income and various career opportunities in a short period of time. A Diploma in Poultry Production degree is a 1-2 year diploma level program.

Course details:

A diploma in Poultry Production degree teaches poultry production. Poultry production is nothing but farming, raising of birds domestically or commercially to get meats, eggs, and feathers. Compared with other agriculture-related activities, the poultry sector is one of the highest-paying sectors.

Because nowadays meats and eggs are mostly preferred by many people even if it is costly.  Due to this demand, a Diploma in Poultry Production is also available at the certificate, master, and Ph.D. levels. According to some research, India is the world’s 3rd largest egg producer, while China and USA hold the 1st and 2nd places. 


Anyone who has completed their  10th or 12th science stream is eligible to pursue a Diploma in Poultry Production Course. Moreover, to be admitted to Diploma in Poultry Production candidates must score a minimum of 45 – 50 % marks in their academics. There is no age limit to apply for Diploma in Poultry Production course. 

Career Options:

Moreover, Diploma in Poultry Production course imparts basic theoretical and practical experience in all aspects of poultry. After successfully completing the Diploma in Poultry Production degree, students can find jobs in nutrition, genetics, pharmaceuticals, agri-business, food science, and processing fields. Mostly, Diploma in Poultry Production Course candidates works as poultry farm managers, breeders, feeding technologists, poultry house designers, assistant poultry hands, hatchery assistants, etc. 

Admission Process:

  • First, fill and submit your application form online. If you have any doubt, contact us.
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