Disadvantages of Distance Education!!

Disadvantages of Distance Education
Disadvantages of Distance Education

Despite distance education being flexible and affordable, it also has some disadvantages, let’s see what are they and how to overcome them!!

Basically, there are many differences between distance education courses and face-to-face education. The student-teacher interaction is the strong foundation of face-to-face education that does not exist in distance education.

In today’s distance education, technological aspects such as computers and the internet are becoming inevitable. Students are given little formal training to make full use of these technical aspects.

Distance education courses are incomplete without the connection of an experienced teacher, their advice, and guidance. Perhaps if doubts arise while studying, students have to wait for a long time to solve them. In the direct education system, teachers can track the progress of a student instantly. But it is not possible to assess the proficiency of students having distance education courses.

Keeping all these shortcomings in mind, methods such as online classes, direct communication opportunities, training through CD/DVD, etc., quizzes, etc. are being handled at present. Efforts are also underway to redesign the curriculum and employ new strategies.

However, when you make a schedule for your study time and other work, you can overcome the barriers of distance education. Nowadays, many prestigious universities offer distance learning programs. Finding the right place also helps you to complete your graduation without any struggle.

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