M.Sc Agriculture: Course Details, Eligibility, Admission Process

M.Sc (Agriculture) or Master of Science in Agriculture is Post-Graduate Agriculture Science and Technology course. Agriculture is the cultivation of plants, fungi rearing animals, and other life forms for food, fiber, and other products used to sustain life. The duration of a Master of Science in Agriculture is mostly two academic years, but it varies from institute to institute. During the course, the main focus remains on agricultural chemistry and soil science.

Master of Science course in Agriculture course is available full-time and may be provided on a part-time basis by certain institutes. After completing the course, candidates can also find widespread career scopes in agriculture and its many allied sectors. One must have good knowledge of science, and be familiar with crops, pastures, soil types, and agriculture. Moreover, M.Sc Agriculture degree provides enough knowledge and skills that are required to manage an agricultural farm business. 

Eligibility Criteria for M.Sc Agriculture Course:

Admission for the M.Sc Agriculture program in India begins with checking the course’s eligibility criteria, including a minimum aggregate of 45-50% in a B.Sc Agriculture Course or an equivalent degree in any reputed University or university Institution. If not a percentage, there must be an equal CGPA. Aspiring candidates should have completed B.Sc in Agriculture degree under any registered University in the following subjects like B.Sc (Agri.), B.Sc (ABM), B.Sc (Agri. Bio-Tech.), B.Sc (Horti.), B.Sc (Forestry), and B.Sc (Hons.) in Science stream.

In fact, passing score is required on AGRICET, ICAR AIEEA, MCAER PC CET, CUCET, PAU MET, or the necessary entrance exams. M.Sc Agriculture program is open to all ages. Currently, M.Sc Agriculture degree in India is a top-rated and high-demand course and offers a high job scope for aspirants after immediately passing out.

Skills Obtained from M.Sc Agriculture course:

The M.Sc Agriculture degree provides a career boost for people seeking jobs in agriculture/plant development fields. It opens a variety of career opportunities for aspiring agriculturists at various international agencies. Some skills required for the M.Sc Agriculture graduates are as follows:

  • Empathy
  • Communication Skills
  • Analytical Reasoning
  • Data Skills

Candidates also possess good observation skills, communication skills, organizing skills, written and oral skills, the ability to give presentations, and knowledge of common business concepts. They should have an analytical mind, a high level of concentration, an aptitude for research, the ability to work as part of a team, abundant physical stamina to put in long hours of work, and patience. M.Sc Agriculture program applicants must have healthy bodies as farmers spend long days standing, lifting, pulling, and on the go, moving quickly from one task to the next in their fields.

Admission Process:

  • First, fill and submit your application form online. If you have any doubt, contact us.
  • Once your form is successfully submitted, you will receive a call from our expert counselor.
  • Then select the course and university according to your interest and eligibility.
  • After that, you have to make a smooth and hassle-free online fee submission to book your seat.
  • Finally, you will get an admission confirmation directly from the University.
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  • You don’t need to visit or contact the registered university for your study materials and exam details. Everything will be provided from our side.
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