MBA Corporate Secretaryship Subjects.

MBA Corporate Secretaryship Subjects.The MBA Corporate Secretaryship course subjects can teach the most important responsibility of a corporate secretary. Also, you can learn how to ensure the corporate governance of the organization in an MBA course.

Moreover, one should study corporate governance is essential for the development of capital markets and to protect the interest of investors.

In recent days, everyone will rely on the corporate sector for their benefit. The governance in the corporation should be done effectively.

Especially, MBA Corporate Secretaryship degree are the gatekeepers, in the advent of the increasing number of corporate frauds and prevent such fraud. The day-to-day life increase in the corporate industry has brought a major increase in demand for corporate lawyers, corporate secretaries, and more.

Major subjects in MBA corporate course:

The responsibility of the MBA Corporate Secretaryship course graduates includes preparing project reports, verifying the reports by banks or other institutions, and so on. MBA Corporate Secretaryship degree Subjects: The Corporate Secretaryship subjects can be studied at the UG level and PG level. It is compulsory to take up an area of specialization at the PG level. The subjects for the MBA Corporate Secretaryship degree are listed below:

  • Marketing Management
  • Human Resource Management
  • Organizational Behavior
  • Managerial Economics
  • Business Communication
  • Company Law
  • Tax Law
  • Securities Law
  • Economic and Labor law
  • Diligence and compliance
  • Business Ethics
  • Financial Accounting
  • Corporate Accounting
  • Cost Accounting
  • Applied Cost Accounting
  • Management concepts

Personality Development courses help you improve your public speaking abilities and groom yourself with confidence. Also, you prefer to take these courses as you have to choose part-time work after completing your MBA Corporate Secretaryship course.

Systems Applications and Products is one of today’s most popular MBA course. It boosts students’ overall abilities in using SAP more effectively, along with all its functions. All business sectors and industries use SAP to enhance the overall value of their offerings. There are functional and technical short-term courses available to improve your employability with SAP. 

Ph.D. in Management-  After completing your MBA course, get a higher study option Ph.D. in Management.  It emphasizes business management, research, and leadership abilities vital in modern-day industry. The course deals with understanding and tackling business obstacles in ever-evolving scenarios. Also, aspirants will control, track, lead, organize, and plan business operations and activities.  Then the course is mostly a four-five-year program where research plays an important role.  

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