Subjects in Certificate course in Gender Studies.

Subjects in Certificate course in gender studies courseCertificate course in Gender Studies degree understands the differences that gender makes in subjects like people’s social, and political lives, and economics. They can identify changes that could also improve social lives, based on gender differences.

The Certificate course in Gender Studies teaches the effect of gender and sexuality on a range of discourses within culture, identity, and then history. Certificate course in Gender Studies course reflects on ideas about sexual politics, sexual difference, and sexuality through engaging with a wide variety of case studies, theorists, and media.

Certificate course in Gender Studies course includes subjects like the fields of literature, sociology, human geography, economics, linguistics, history, archaeology, political science, media studies, psychology, anthropology, cinema, musicology, human development, law, public health, and also in medicine.

Then, Certificate course in Gender Studies, the skills used include critical thinking, research, communications, and analysis. In addition to specific roles in academics, these Certificate courses in Gender Studies studies prepare students for different roles in the public and private fields that depend upon this knowledge. The subjects that come under and teach you about the Certificate course in Gender Studies degree are given below:

  • Gender and Society
  • Gender and Health
  • Feminist Movement
  • Gender and Economy
  • Gender and Poverty
  • Positive Psychology for Youth Development
  • Feminist Research Methodology
  • Gender and Media
  • Research Methodology
  • Feminist Theories
  • Gender, Environment, and Livelihood
  • Gender and Development: Approaches and Strategies

Courses after Certificate course in gender studies:

After completing the Certificate course in Gender Studies course we also have some other courses that develop your knowledge about gender studies. Certificate course in Gender Studies degree that focus or Concentrate on the masculine, feminine, and then LGBT gender. Finally, these courses are available in many institutions and colleges as well.

  • Doctor of Philosophy (Gender and Health)
  • Doctor of Philosophy (GS Specific)
  • Philosophy in Sociology – Gender and Family Research
  • Ph.D. in History – Women, Gender, and Sexuality
  • Gender and culture development studies
  • Gender Representation in a media course
  • Sociology
  • Women leadership program
  • Women’s studies and development

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