Subjects in M.Com Finance and Control.

Subjects in M.Com Finance and Control course.The M.Com Finance is a two-year postgraduate course. M.Com Finance and Control course covers subjects in various topics on financial management and control. Students must have a Bachelor’s degree in commerce or finance.

The M.Com Finance and Control degree course prepares students to be part of various financial decision-making. Then, the subjects in M.Com Finance and Control degree are divided into core and elective subjects.

This section covers both types of M.Com Finance and Control course subjects in detail.  This subject covers all the internal as well as external factors needed for the smooth functioning of the business.

This subject focuses on the organization of the accounting and managerial information needed for management. It covers the following M.Com Finance and Control degree subjects:

  • Introduction
  • Cost behavior and profit analysis
  • Budget and budgetary control
  • Standard costing
  • Divisional performance analysis
  • Responsible accounting
  • Business Environment
  • Accounting for Managerial Decisions
  • Introduction to Business
  • Emerging Order of Business Environment
  • Technological Environment
  • Economic Environment
  • Political Environment
  • Socio-Economic Environment
  • Natural Environment
  • Inter programming and Inventory Control
  • Accounting Theory and Practice

M.Com Finance and Control topics:

These subjects lay emphasis on the set of frameworks, assumptions, techniques, and practices required for accounting. It covers the following M.Com Finance and Control course subjects: Accounting theory and practice: Type, Objective, Revenue, expenditure, profit, and loss measurement and reporting, Valuation of Assets and Liabilities, Deprecation Policy, Recent Developments, International Finance, etc. Then, M.Com Elective Subjects

Banking and Finance– This M.Com Finance subject involves mastery-level research in banking and finance. It covers the study of financial management, financial concepts, and also banking rules.

Commercial Bank Management– The management of banking operations and the development of leadership abilities are skills that are taught to students. Then, they are introduced to ideas and procedures in the various functional areas of banking management activity.

Entrepreneurial Management- It includes researching topics like entrepreneurial introduction, strategic management, business ethics, social responsibility, etc. It introduces the idea of entrepreneurship to students.

Financial Markets- Pricing, fees, cost management, fundamental trading rules, market pricing drivers, and also security are all topics covered in this discipline.

Human Resource Management- This M.Com Finance subject involves the study of the creation and then administration of human resource relations.

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