What is meant by Online Education?

What is meant by Online Education

Education is the basis for the development of a country. An intelligent society flourishes through education. There have been many changes in the methods of education from time to time. Today, online education is a new boon for school and higher education students. The Internet is a catalyst for self-qualification at all levels. Moreover, many prestigious universities offer their academic programs in distance and online mode of education.

In online learning, classes are also conducted for college and university students. Students of engineering, science, and computer science are learning online. But the opportunity for art students is less. The universities have instructed the member colleges under it to hold classes online.

In the future, i.e. in the period of general shutdown, the only way to get an education is online. Accepting it and using online education is very necessary for today’s environment. That is the imperative of the times. Central and state governments should come forward to encourage it.

Online learning enables students to learn from anywhere with all the facilities and develop their learning skills and knowledge. Students get many benefits from online learning classes given by competent teachers who collect lots of data and many doubts can be cleared by the discussion after the class.

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