What are the Subjects under BSc Horticulture?

What are the Subjects under BSc Horticulture?A BSc Horticulture program subjects focus on the science and art of cultivating plants for food, ornamental purposes, and environmental sustainability.

The subjects covered in a BSc Horticulture program may vary depending on the university or college offering the degree.

This BSc subject provides an overview of the field of horticulture, including its history, scope, and the importance of horticultural practices in agriculture and landscaping.

List of subjects in BSc Horticulture:

Plant Science: This BSc subject covers the fundamental principles of plant biology, including plant anatomy, physiology, morphology, and genetics. The BSc Horticulture program explores the processes of plant growth, development, and reproduction.
Soil Science: Soil science focuses on the study of soil properties, soil fertility, soil conservation, and the role of soils in supporting plant growth. Students learn about soil classification, soil analysis, and the management of soil health and nutrients.
Plant Propagation: This BSc subject introduces students to the techniques of plant propagation, including seed propagation, vegetative propagation (cuttings, grafting, layering), tissue culture, and nursery management.
Plant Nutrition: Students learn about plant nutrient requirements, nutrient deficiencies, and the principles of fertilization. This BSc subject covers topics such as soil amendments, fertilizers, and the role of nutrients in plant growth and development.
Plant Pathology: Plant pathology deals with the study of plant diseases, their causes, and management strategies. Students learn about the identification, prevention, and control of plant diseases caused by pathogens such as fungi, bacteria, viruses, and nematodes.
Horticultural Crop Production: This BSc Horticulture subject provides an in-depth study of the production techniques for specific horticultural crops, such as fruits, vegetables, ornamentals, and medicinal plants. It includes topics like crop physiology, cultivation practices, post-harvest management, and marketing.
Landscape Design and Management: BSc Horticulture students learn about the principles of landscape design, including site planning, plant selection, hardscape elements, and sustainable landscape management practices.

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