PG Diploma in Acupuncture course details.

PG Diploma in Acupuncture course detailsAcupuncture is a treatment method that stimulates the body’s ailments with a few power points in the body, using equipment such as needles. PG Diploma in Acupuncture degree is a treatment method recognized by the World Health Organization.

PG Diploma in Acupuncture course students must learn acupuncture energy path point examinations and treatment methods. Promotes healthy body weight loss, Refreshes the body, Improves digestion, Corrects stress, Relieves headache and sinus problems, and Helps in treating neck and back pain.

The PG Diploma in Acupuncture degree covers the modern dimension of Chinese medicine. The syllabus is in an easy-to-understand manner. An Acupuncture Program Certificate will be awarded after the exam. It is a low-cost training.

Upon completion, the student is can be Acupuncture Therapist. Students will have a clear understanding of how acupuncture works and its nature. They will be ready to begin using it for their own health or to benefit the health of others.

Eligibility for PG Diploma in Acupuncture : 

PG Diploma in Acupuncture course is a one-year Diploma course. Then, the minimum qualification is want to complete 12th std. The Language of Learning may be Tamil or English. Subjects involved in this Acupuncture program are as follows: Introduction to Acupuncture, Fundamentals of Anatomy and Physiology, Acupuncture energy pathways, Acupuncture tests, and Acupuncture treatment methods.

Benefits of PG Diploma in Acupuncture:

Acupuncture is a traditional method of therapy that is very well to the world over as it does not have any side effects. This PG Diploma in Acupuncture course method has to be useful in all types of diseases, especially chronic diseases. Moreover, the cost of the treatment is less compared to the other systems of medicine.  The Acupuncture program shall help graduates of different systems of medicine to learn a new modality of therapy and utilize it for the patient’s benefit in treating acute and chronic diseases. Some Benefits of a PG Diploma in Acupuncture degree are Natural pain relief,  reduces the impact of diabetes, and Improves sleep. 

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