Career scope for B.Tech Electrical Engineering graduates.

Career scope for B.Tech Electrical Engineering graduates.The B.Tech Electrical Engineering course graduates having a great career scope can act as a double source of income for these smart electrical engineers. In a company selling electrical fittings and appliances, they can milk a fat income through some prompt after-sales service.

Many B.Tech Electrical Engineers today are opting to have their own electrical workshops and shops rather than going for dull and boring routine factory jobs.

Many industries like to expand their jobs. Electrical engineers with their own workshops can take orders from these companies and earn handsome income.

B.Tech Electrical Engineering course employment Areas are Colleges & Universities, Telecommunication Companies, Railways, IT Industry, Health Care Equipment Manufacturing Industry, Petroleum, Steel, and Chemical Industries. 

Career Roles in B.Tech Electrical Engineering:

The career scope for the B.Tech Electrical Engineering course is working in Electrical Equipment and Systems Manufacturing Companies, and Power Generation and Transmission Centres. B.Tech course graduates are working job types that are 

  • Electrical Sales Engineer
  • Electrical Design Engineer
  • Lecturer/Professor
  • Engineering AssociateElectrical Engineer
  • Staff Electrical Engineer

Scope in B.Tech Electrical Engineering:

The B.Tech Electrical Engineering degree trained to get to aircraft, automobiles, design computer chips, electrical motors, space crafts, and different other types of engines. The knowledge also acquired from the B.Tech Electrical Engineering degree can be used in various fields like automobiles, frequency control, geoscience, acoustics, robotics, ferroelectrics, and many more.

The B.Tech Electrical Engineering degree sector has been developing at a very fast pace over the past few decades. It provides a lot of job options to the students. Then, this B.Tech course provides the students with the option to develop advanced electrical equipment of their own.

Some of the popular job options and average annual salary for B.Tech course graduates are Professor – 9 lakhs per annum, Lecturer – 2 lakhs per annum, Maintenance Engineer – 3 lakh per annum, Mechanical Engineer – 3 lakh per annum, Electrical Engineer- 4 lakh per annum, Senior Electrical Manager- 6 lakhs per annum. So it is essential to study electricity. Electricity plays an important role in everything we do every day. Hence, the benefits for students to study this course are high.

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