Syllabus in B.Tech Petroleum Engineering and Technology.

Syllabus in B.Tech Petroleum Engineering and Technology.The B.Tech Petroleum Engineering and Technology degree is a four-year course that syllabus covers the study of discovering and locating these reservoirs and deposits.

After completing graduation most students start their career by taking an entry-level position. Then, maximum engineering colleges in India provide on-campus recruitment and top-notch internship opportunities to kick-start a fresher’s professional career.

B.Tech Petroleum Engineering and Technology degree is a combination of mechanical, electronics, safety, and software engineering management courses. B.Tech Engineering is also a multidisciplinary engineering branch that combines experimental and natural sciences, economics, life science, and mathematics.

Additionally, graduates in this B.Tech Petroleum Engineering course can work in petroleum refining companies after the degree completion. 

This B.Tech Petroleum Engineering course is a progressive form of existing Mining Engineering and Geology courses related to Geosciences. Then, this particular specialization is linked with the study and discovery of petroleum deposits, natural reservoirs buried deep in the earth.

Subjects in B.Tech in Petroleum Engineering:

The syllabus for B.Tech Petroleum Engineering and Technology degree is divided into core and elective subjects. The projects are an essential part of the B.Tech Petroleum Engineering course. Then, candidates can choose according to their area of interest in a sub-domain of the petroleum sector. The subjects in this B.Tech Engineering are:

  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Numerical and statistical methods
  • Petroleum production operations
  • Elements of reservoir Engineering
  • Chemical Kinetics
  • Drilling fluids and cement
  • Drilling technology
  • Geologies for Petroleum Engineering Practical
  • Humanities and social sciences
  • Oil And Gas Processing System Design
  • Enhanced Oil Recovery Techniques
  • Deep-sea Production System
  • Drilling And Well Completion
  • Reservoir Design
  • Reservoir Modelling
  • Machines and Equipment
  • Transportation

Finally, the B.Tech Engineering graduates’ usual roles and responsibilities of a Petroleum Engineer are the development of machinery for the extraction of oil and gases, scheduling drilling projects at the oil and gas fields, and formulating plans to introduce water, chemicals, gases, etc. Then, the consistent developments and disclosure of the discovery of new technologies for better production of hydrocarbons from oil and gas fields are surveilled by engineers.

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