Diploma in Rehabilitation – Career Opportunities

Diploma in Rehabilitation Diploma in Rehabilitation course have got a wide career that includes counseling and medical assistance for those recovering from sicknesses, diseases, and other problems impacting daily living. Moreover, learning about this many rehabilitation careers can help you decide the best position in your career. Hence, the Diploma in Rehabilitation career Therapy is suitable for those who want to contribute in the matters like people with disabilities, political issues, and empowerment of people with disabilities, a social and economic status of persons with disability, attitudes to disability, legislation and disability.

Thus, the Rehabilitation centers, counseling centers, speech therapy centers, and other associated job places offer several opportunities for graduates of this degree. And also they can work as a special education teacher, recreational worker, rehabilitation therapist,  and other similar positions. Therefore, the Diploma in Rehabilitation course specialized doctors are also recruited by Armed forced hospitals in India with the purpose to provide rehabilitation care to the army personnel of the country.

Diploma in Rehabilitation Career Options:

Similarly, a lot of Diploma in Rehabilitation career offers where a rehabilitation therapist can apply for the job. They are able to find jobs in government hospitals and organizations, or private hospitals, private clinics, and health care centers. Despite, they can also work in collaboration with some psychiatric institutes, or at rehabilitation centers and polyclinics. Besides, some working areas where a rehabilitation therapist can find job opportunities are listed – Private Clinics, Residential Care Facilities,  Medical writing, nursing homes, Health centers, Sports Team, Community Health Care Centers, Hospitals and Armed Force Hospitals, Medical colleges, and Universities, Special schools,  research labs.

Job Roles:

Thus, the available jobs for Diploma in Rehabilitation course commonly are:

  • Teacher and lecturer
  • Occupational therapist
  • Rehabilitation officer
  • Physiotherapist

 The top Diploma in Rehabilitation career are as follows.

  • Fortis Medicare
  • Jaypee healthcare
  • Government healthcare units
  • Apollo healthcare Rehabilitation
  • Armed forces of India

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