Online MBA Analytics and Data Science at Manipal University.

Online MBA Analytics and Data Science at ManipalAn Online MBA Analytics and Data Science at Manipal University is a program designed to equip professionals with the skills and knowledge required to harness the power of data for informed business decision-making.

The Online MBA Analytics and Data Science at Manipal University program integrates business acumen with data analytics expertise. They produce well-rounded professionals who can leverage data-driven insights to drive strategic outcomes.


Typically, candidates need a bachelor’s degree from a recognized institution. Some programs may require a minimum GPA and work experience. A background in business, mathematics, statistics, computer science, or related fields can be advantageous.

Course Details:

The curriculum of an Online MBA Analytics and Data Science is designed to provide a comprehensive understanding of both business principles and advanced data analytics techniques. The Online MBA Analytics and Data Science at Manipal University program often spans around 1 to 2 years, consisting of core business courses, specialized analytics courses, and often a capstone project or internship.

Core Business Courses: These lay the foundation for MBA knowledge and may include subjects like Marketing Management, Financial Management, Operations Management, and Strategic Management.

Specialized Analytics Courses:

Data Analysis and Visualization: Covers techniques to analyze and visualize data for insights using tools like Python, R, Tableau, or Power BI.

Predictive Analytics: Teaches methods to predict future trends and outcomes based on historical data, including regression analysis, time series analysis, and machine learning algorithms.

Big Data Analytics: Focuses on handling and analyzing large datasets using technologies like Hadoop and Spark.

Machine Learning for Business: Explores the applications of machine learning in business contexts.

Data Ethics and Privacy: Addresses ethical considerations and legal aspects related to data handling and privacy.

Data-Driven Decision-Making: Integrates analytics with decision-making processes to create actionable insights.

Capstone Project or Internship: Online MBA Analytics and Data Science include a hands-on project. An internship where students apply their skills to real-world business scenarios, often collaborating with industry partners.

Graduates of an Online MBA Analytics and Data Science are prepared for roles such as Data Analysts, Business Intelligence Managers, Data Scientists, Analytics Consultants, and more. They possess a unique combination of business strategy knowledge and technical expertise, making them highly sought after in industries that heavily rely on data-driven strategies.

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