Subjects in M.Com course and specialisations.

Subjects in M.Com course and its specialisations.M.Com degree is a postgraduate course that subjects deals with commerce, accounting, management, and also about economics. Then, M.Com course is a two-year degree that opens career opportunities for students in the corporate and finance sectors.

M.Com degree offers specialization in accounting, taxation, finance, and human resource management. Master of Commerce is a very versatile course and then allows students to choose their careers in various fields.

Then, a Master of Commerce is a good option for CA or CS aspirants. M.Com course is also a good course for candidates preparing for recruitment exams in related public sector departments or wishing to take up teaching as a profession after post-graduation. Master of Commerce is a vast course offering many subjects. 

M.Com Course syllabus:

M.Com course main subjects are Organisational Behaviour, Economic Analysis, International Business, Financial Management and Policy, Statistical Analysis, Investment Management, and many others. Then, M.Com degree elective subjects are mentioned as follows:

  • Banking and Finance
  • Commercial Bank management
  • Entrepreneurial management
  • Financial markets
  • Human resource management
  • International Finance

Accounting for Managerial Decisions subject focuses on organizing the accounting and managerial information required for management. The business environment subject provides knowledge about all internal and external factors to be taken into account for the functioning of a business. Computer application and business subjects also deal with the development and software applications in finance. 

Major subjects in M.Com : 

Accounting theory and practice – This subject deals with studying a set of frameworks, assumptions, methods, and practices involved in the study of accounting. 

Security analysis and portfolio management – The M.Com course subject combines the areas of contemporary investment management involving security analysis for the asset creation of investment objectives. 

Corporate tax planning- This involves studying strategies and planning to reduce tax liabilities against a registered organization or company.

Financial management and Policy- It involves studying structures, procedures, systems, and accounting decisions involved in an organization. 

Organization theory and behavior – This subject develops a theoretical understanding of the developing workplace environment and its organizational structure.

Managerial economics – It includes studying economic methods to optimize the managerial decision-making process.

Marketing management- Master of Commerce subject involves the analysis of marketing strategies and customer perceptions to increase profit. 

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