Online B.Sc Psychology – Course details, Subjects, Eligibility.

Online B.Sc Psychology CourseAn Online B.Sc Psychology course program provides a comprehensive understanding of the human mind and behavior. This Online B.Sc Psychology program usually spans three years, with each year divided into semesters. Students are typically required to earn a specific number of credits, usually around 120-150, to graduate.


Educational Qualifications: To be eligible for admission, the candidates generally need a high school diploma (10th, +2) or its equivalent from a recognized board.

Minimum Marks: Some colleges or universities may require a minimum percentage in your 10+2 exams, often ranging from 45% to 55% in the qualifying exams.

Subjects in B.Sc Psychology:

Subjects covered under the Online B.Sc Psychology course are as follows:

  • Introduction to Psychology: An overview of the history, foundations, and key concepts in psychology.
  • Biological Psychology: Study of the biological basis of behavior, including the brain, nervous system, and hormones.
  • Cognitive Psychology: Exploration of mental processes, including memory, perception, and problem-solving.
  • Social Psychology: Examination of how social influences shape human behavior, attitudes, and relationships.
  • Developmental Psychology: Study of human development across the lifespan, including child, adolescent, and adult psychology.
  • Abnormal Psychology: Investigation into psychological disorders, their diagnosis, and treatment approaches.
  • Research Methods in Psychology: Training in research techniques, experimental design, and data analysis in psychology.
  • Personality Psychology: Exploration of theories of personality and factors influencing individual differences.
  • Health Psychology: Focus on the interaction between psychological factors and physical health, including stress, coping, and health behavior.
  • Industrial and Organizational Psychology: Application of psychological principles to workplace issues, including employee motivation, leadership, and organizational behavior.
  • Forensic Psychology: Study of psychology’s role in the legal and criminal justice systems, including profiling, eyewitness testimony, and offender rehabilitation.
  • Psychological Assessment: Training in psychological testing, assessment tools, and measurement of psychological constructs.

Future Scope:

Online B.Sc in Psychology graduates can pursue various career paths in areas such as clinical psychology, counseling, research, human resources, education, and mental health services. They may also choose to pursue advanced degrees (M.Sc. or Ph.D.) in psychology or related fields to specialize further and access higher-level positions in psychology, including clinical practice, counseling, or academic research.

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