What are the courses available for 12th science stream students?

Courses after 12th science
Courses after 12th science

We all know that many students, after doing their 12th science stream, are confused about their higher degree program. Because, after completing 12th science, students are headed to tremendous courses and career pathways.

College is a very major turning point in a student’s life. Especially, the whole future depends upon the degree program that will be chosen by the student. Science is said to be one of the best streams in India as it offers multiple courses and the jobs related to it are also high in the market. In particular, a science course allows you to be much smarter, intelligent, and progressive.

Eventually, after successfully completing the 12th science stream, students can make their own research. Moreover, the study of science encourages creativity, develops analytical thinking, improves communication, and develops an interest in learning.

Similarly, when you study subjects like Physics & Chemistry, it enhances your understanding of the world, causes, effects, etc. It also allows you to develop scientific knowledge and theory about everything in the world that you come across.

Depending upon the course they can also become engineers, scientists, lawyers, government employees, pilots, pharmacists, architects, lawyers, teachers, managers, designers, computer experts, and many more. So, all the students who are completed 12th science either in PCM (Physics, Chemistry, Maths) or PCB (Physics, Chemistry, Biology) must go through the below list. 

Best Courses after 12th Science Stream:

  • B.Sc Nursing
  • B.Sc Operation Theatre Technology
  • B.Sc Dental Hygiene
  • B.Sc Dental Operating Room Assistant
  • Bachelor of Veterinary Sciences
  • B.Tech Textile Chemistry
  • B.Tech Genetic Engineering
  • B.Tech in Chemical Engineering
  • Bachelor of Pharmacy
  • B. Tech/ B.Sc Food Technology
  • B.Sc Marine Biology
  • B.Sc in Nutritional Biology
  • Bachelor in Physiotherapy
  • B.Sc Toxicology
  • B.Sc Zoology
  • Bachelors in Botany
  • B.Sc Medical Technology in Radiography
  • Bachelors in Biochemistry and Cell Biology
  • B.Sc Biophysics
  • B.Sc Biochemistry
  • Bachelor in Bioinformatics
  • Bachelor in Physiology
  • Bachelor in Food and Agricultural Technology
  • Bachelor in Biomedical Science
  • B.Sc Molecular Biology
  • Bachelors in Neuroscience
  • B.Sc in Food and Nutrition
  • B.Sc Chemistry
  • B.Sc Industrial Chemistry
  • Bachelor in Microbiology
  • B.Sc Applied Chemistry
  • B.Tech in Pharmaceutical Chemistry and Technology.

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